Access 312

Access 312


1U – 4 channel 70’s era 312 style preamp design, an American classic.  The sound energetic, full of depth and punch while still having detail.


Enclosure and front panel for DIY 312 mic preamp kits.  1 space, 4 channel case for your DIY version of the classic 312 mic preamps.

The Access 312 preamp PCB are sold separately and are a recreation of the legendary API 312 preamp circuit that has become the benchmark for the 70’s era American sound.  2520 based mic preamps that sound great on all sources.  The Access 312’s are a great DIY build for beginners or pros.



  1. Access 312 case is powder coated black.
  2. The faceplate will be powder coated black with white silkscreen.


  1. 18 gauge metal cases
  2. Rear Panel 8 XLR, IEC, and Star Ground cutouts
  3. 9″ deep
  4. 17″ wide case
  5. Vent holes on tops and sides
  6. Clean outside for easy installation in racks
  7. Ships flat for lower shipping cost


  • 1 Custom Access 312 Faceplate
  • 1 Top & bottom panel
  • 1 Rear panel
  • 2 Side panels

Recommended components:
XLR’s – Nuetrik D series connectors (part # Neutrik NC3FD-L-1-B & Neutrik NC3MD-L-1-B)
IEC – Schurter 6200.2100 (Mouser Part # 693-6200.2100)
For great looking knobs:
For PCB’s and PCB parts kits look here: PCB’s
For support look here:


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