Drip Opto Seven

Drip Opto Seven


The Drip Opto Seven case was designed specifically for Drip Electronics Opto Seven PCB boards. The Opto Seven from start to finish is a high end project and this case helps to insure your work looks great.

The back panel has a number of cutouts designed specifically to Drip Electronics specs for easy installation of the PSU and I/O mounting.

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The Opto Seven project is a high-end project from Drip Electronics based on the Vintage LA2A compressor/limiter. The Opto Seven design is 2 channels in one case with all the best features and high-end design expected from Drip Electronics.  The PCB’s and support for this project are all handled through Drip Electronics.

This is just for the custom enclosure and front panel that was designed / spec’d and approved by Drip Electronics for this project.


The front panel is a Drip Opto Seven design.  The rest of the enclosure is black powder coat.


      1. MADE IN THE USA
      2. 18 gauge metal cases
      3. Rear panel cutouts to match Drip Electronics custom back panel needs.
      4. Custom Drip Opto Seven front panel
      5. 18″ deep
      6. 17″ wide case
      7. Vent holes on tops and sides.
        The side vent holes are spaces so that a internal divider bracket can be mounted to the case in various placements front to back of the case.
      8. Internal Divider for mounting hardware to inside of the enclosure.
      9. Clean outside for easy installation in racks
      10. Ships flat for lower shipping cost


      • 1 top & bottom panel
      • 1 rear panel
      • 2 side panels
      • 1 internal divider
      • Custom Drip Opto Seven front panel

Recommended components:
All cutouts are per Drip Electronics direction and requirements.  Please refer to Drip for components that go along with this case and all build questions.


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