Eden Mic Preamp

Eden Mic Preamp


This is the Eden Microphone Preamplifier from Expat Audio.
It comes as a completed module that only needs to be hooked up.
In fact, all it needs is power, input, output and a gain setting resistor.

It’s assembled and tested here in Texas, USA.

Similar Systems
IC Mic Pre’s like this have been used in many systems, such the Toft ATB Console, Trident S-20 mic pre, the DAV BG1 mic pre, Symetrix 302, dbx760X, D+R and Amek consoles. (that list from searching online)

It has flat THD+N at 30dB of gain as low as 0.003%, all the way to 30kHz (higher I believe – but the audio test kit isn’t quite up to it).
At 60dB of gain (max setting) the THD+N is still very impressive at 0.04%. (again, flat all the way!)

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  1. Eden case is powder coated black.
  2. The faceplate will be powder coated white with black custom silk screen for the Eden Preamp.


  1. 18 gauge metal cases
  2. Rear Panel XLR, IEC, and Star Ground cutouts
  3. 11″ deep
  4. 17″ wide case
  5. Vent holes on tops and sides
  6. Clean outside for easy installation in racks
  7. Ships flat for lower shipping cost


  • 1 Custom Eden Faceplate
  • 1 Top & bottom panel
  • 1 Rear panel
  • 2 Side panels

Recommended components:
XLR’s – Nuetrik D series connectors (part # Neutrik NC3FD-L-1-B & Neutrik NC3MD-L-1-B)
IEC – Schurter 6200.2100 (Mouser Part # 693-6200.2100)
For original looking Neve style knobs: http://capi-gear.com/catalog/index.php?cPath=202
For PCB’s & kits look here: http://expataudio.myshopify.com/products/eden-microphone-preamplifier
For support look here: http://groupdiy.com/index.php?topic=50419.msg639081
For BOM look here: http://www.expataudio.com/diy/edenmicpre/System%20Cost%20-%20External.xlsx
For Build Guide look here: http://expataudio.com/diy/edenmicpre/Building%20your%20own%20Eden%20Mic%20Pre%20Dec%202013.pdf


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