Fairchild 660

Fairchild 660


The cases are instock!

The Fairchild 660 case was designed specifically for Drip Electronics 660 boards. The 660 from start to finish is a highend project and this case helps to insure your work looks great. The back panel has a number of cutouts for all the transformers, xlr’s, IEC and cable ties. The case includes all the screws and specail mounting brackets needed for the 660.

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  1. Fairchild 660 cases is powder coated grey.
  2. The faceplate will be powder coated black and has custom Silkscreen for the Fairchild 660 design.


  1. 18 gauge metal cases
  2. Custom rear panel cut outs and bottom panel cutouts for the V2 pcb’s.
  3. 19″ deep
  4. 17″ wide case
  5. Vent holes on tops and sides
  6. Clean outside for easy installation in racks
  7. Ships flat for lower shipping cost


  • 1 Faceplate & overlay panel
  • 1 Top & bottom panel
  • 1 Rear panel with custom Fairchild cutouts
  • 2 Side panels
  • Custom brackets

Recommended components:
Meter – Simpson model 27 with 6vac lamp / 200uA http://www.meterdistributor.com/
XLR’s – Nuetrik D series connectors (part # Neutrik NC3FD-L-1-B & Neutrik NC3MD-L-1-B)
IEC – Schurter 6200.2100 (Mouser Part # 693-6200.2100)
For PCB’s and support look here: http://www.dripelectronics.com/


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