PCB for a DC filtering and regulation of Linear and Switching PSU’s.



The DC Filtering PCB is designed to clean up and regulate switching and linear PSU supplies. It has specific high freq filtering for cleaning out the hash from switching supplies built into it along with plenty of filtering for lower frequencies and rumble.

The LM317 and LM337 can be installed to regulate higher voltages down to a specific voltage or they can be jumper-ed if you just need to do PSU filtering and don’t want or need the regulators.

– 3 rail design for Bi Polar PSU’s & a 3rd rail for Phantom Power
– Voltage Regulation using LM317 & LM337 (can be bypassed)
– Regulators can be mounted in normal above PCB fashion or under the PCB so the regulators can be heat sinked to the bottom of the chassis for space saving along with maximum heat sinking.

This PCB will work along with our CC PSU 1 for a number of designs. Use this to power your 500 series racks, preamp projects or any number of other projects. These can also be used to clean up the power on other projects that don’t have the proper filtering.

Our real world test:
We tested a CAPI 500 rack with 5 modules installed for a real world load powered by one of our CC-PSU1.  The Dc Filtering PCB gave us 10db in noise reduction and really smoothed out the ripple.  Well worth the effort.  These kind of results will give you a solid clean power rails that will help the gear you have really shine.

All board level parts needed for the use with PSU – CC PSU1.

Not included in the kit are the 4 resistors needed to adjust the voltage of the regulators and the LM317 / LM337 regulators. 


Additional information

DC Filtering

DC Filtering kit and case, DC Filtering kit, DC Filtering PCB


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