AC Sound Pi-3141 Vintage PWM Compressor Circuit Board


AC Sound Pi-3141 Vintage PWM Compressor Circuit Board

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Recreation of the rare and highly sought after PYE compressor.

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This design is based on the fantastic PYE compressor. This compressor has managed to be in many many top recording studios through out almost the whole of the history of recording as we know it but still considered an insiders “secret weapon”. Many never hearing one is person wonder what it sounds like. Well you’ve heard it on Cat Stevens guitar…you’ve no doubt head its beautiful characteristic “pop” on snare and explosive impact on toms. Its uses the very unique and efficient Pulse Width Modulation technology and was one of the first transistorized compressors. It effortlessly handles transients in a way that needs to be heard to be believed.

This circuit-board pre-order is for a limited time only. Limit of 4 per address.

Rev 3: This circuit has already been through 3 revisions and this board is the best yet! Simple and straightforward build. With a cinemag input transformer and option to use 555 timer circuit to use as the oscillator. All easy to source parts.

Check out: REV314_BOM1

Check out:  Help Docs

Help Thread: GroupDIY build thread

1 review for AC Sound Pi-3141 Vintage PWM Compressor Circuit Board

  1. lowandclear

    Sounds fantastic. Powerful, unique.

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