DIP8 to 2520 adapter PCB

DIP8 to 2520 adapter PCB


Adapter pcb for changing mono DIP8 IC to a 2520 opamp or a SMT opamp.

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This mono DIP8 to 2520 adapter PCB can be used for testing different opamps or modding / upgrading gear.  It can also be used to go from DIP8 to SMT.

– Dip8 to 2520
– Dip8 to SMT (with epad)
– PSU damping/isolation resistors added into the design
– Feedback network for 2520
– SMT pads for film bypass caps to the power pins
– Ground hook up and test pad

The Schematic Here

***Purchase is for a single PCB only.

Recommended components:
Opamp Sockets – Mill-Max 0322-0-15-15-34-27-10-0 (Mouser, Digikey and CAPI all stock them)
Dip/Dil header – Digikey # 1212-1077-ND


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